Paia, Maui, HI


James Tolley



I can probably create the Internet application you're wanting. I can also deliver the clear communication we will both need in order to enjoy the process.

I started my Internet development career using Perl in 1998. I've coded everything from custom online calendars and stores to email, FTP, and Salesforce clients. I've coded telephony applications. I've tied together different languages and 3rd-party services in creative ways. I focus on working directly with low-level code and core protocols, so I know what's physically possible and how to make it happen.

Technical Summary

All-around LAMP development
PHP, Perl, SQL, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, CSS, XHTML, XML, HTTP, MySQL, SQLite, BigTable, Emacs, VIM, Drupal, Wordpress, Linux, Win32, Mac, git, subversion


Self-Employed (Aug 2013 - Present)

Maui Beach Bum
I've taken some much-needed time off to clear my head, put the past behind me, and go through something of a mid-life crisis/opportunity phase. Yippee! Feeling fulfilled and satisfied with having made the most of my time off, I'm now (in the springtime) starting to look around to see what I might like to have as my Next Big Thing.

Senior Programmer (June 2011 - Aug 2013)

Pacific Whale Foundation
I single-handedly maintained and enhanced complex custom e-commerce integrations using Drupal and Ubercart, among a wide range of other applications, all of which supported marine research. Met many non-trivial requirements. PHP/Drupal/SQL/MySQL/Linux/JavaScript/jQuery/git.

Web Consultant, Programmer & Manager (Apr 2009 - 2011)

Site Development (Haiku, Maui, HI)
Haleakala Sunrise Forecast
E-commerce site with automated incoming and outgoing phone messaging services.
Spar Street
Artist site. Managed all aspects of development and deployment.
NexLev Solutions
First-of-its-kind Gigya/Handshakes integration. JavaScript/PHP.

Google Maps API Consultant (Dec 2005 - 2011)

Google Map Development (Haiku, Maui, HI)
Architected and built user-oriented lost and found UK site for pets. JavaScript/MySQL/CakePHP.
For Sale By Owner Center
Implemented significant streamlining of existing Google Maps application. JavaScript/ASP.NET.
Real Estate Webmasters
Google Maps API code reused on all of their real estate clients' sites. JavaScript/Google Maps API.

Back-End Architect & Developer (Aug 2000 - 2011)

HyperArts Web Design (Oakland, CA)
Benza Gruggen Buckley
Designed and built custom in-house browser-based file hosting application, interfacing with existing FTP accounts and implementing custom ajax-based file upload progress bar. Perl/PHP/MySQL/CakePHP.
Finding Meaning in Medicine
Designed and coded custom user registration system, interfacing with existing user registration and discussion board systems. PHP/MySQL.

Web Site & Database Designer & Programmer (Feb-Sept 2002)

Shambhala Mountain Center (Red Feather Lakes, CO)
Their web registration system and their in-house administration system were on different platforms, in different locations, and in different programming languages.
Design and create a web-based MySQL database. Use Perl to connect the remote web site database to the administrative database (MSAccess) and credit card processing software.
Registration Processing was changed from a more-than-full-time position to a small part-time one.

Freelance Web Consultant, Programmer & Developer (May 1997 - Aug 2001)

Self-Employed (New York, NY)
New York Shambhala Center
Overhaul, Host and Maintain Web Presence. Also, develop interactive programs calendar database, with administrative interface.
Free the Slaves
Establish and Maintain Internet Presence. Also, construct donations page, as well as email update database and application.

Additional projects available on request.

Code Samples